Who We Are

The group is made up of Christian believers that graduated from Anglican Students Fellowship (ASF), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The purpose of the group is to harness and share Christian resources and professional skills for the edification of the members to better impact their world.

Our Aims and Objectives

1. Christian Networking
Harnessing and sharing Christian resources and skills for the edification of the members in Christ for them to better impact their world.
2. Ministry support for AYF/ASF
Providing conscious support through mentoring, as well as physical and spiritual development programs and financial assistance.
3. Career Enhancement
Supporting members to achieve their career and professional goals and organize seminars, symposia and workshops on the activities of the group and issues relating to it.
4. Support to one another
Providing moral, social, financial and other assistance as necessary to members of the Group in such times as may include weddings, christening, birthdays, etc.
5. Ministry Support to the body of Christ
Functioning to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in the body of Christ, especially in the Anglican Communion.
To promote public enlightenment such as crusades, and may use public address system such as the print and electronic media, internet and so on, and create general awareness on the activities of the group
To organise and hold fund raising events and activities for the promotion and attainment of the Group’s objectives.
To liaise and cooperate with other national or international Christian Groups and Agencies in attaining the Group’s objectives.
To do such other things or act as may be necessary to attain the Group’s aims and objectives.
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Contribute to the development of the SFCN. You can pay your annual dues using your card.

Account Details for Various Purposes

Account 1

Account name: Association of Anglican Students Alumni Ife University
Account Number: 0536818721
Bank: GTB
Purpose: Annual Dues (N6,000 per annum), General Funds (Reunion Contributions, Special Programmes, etc)

Account 2

Account name: Endowment Account of Anglican Students
Account Number: 0542461164
Bank: GTB
Purpose: Endowment Fund


Olajide Awoniyi


Olayemi Okewole

Vice President

Babatunde Ayilola

Asst Secretary

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-03 at 4.41.43 PM
Oyeyemi Olufidipe

Financial Secretary

Gbenga Osowe

Publicity Secretary

Olusola Olawoye

Liaison Officer I

Oluwaseyi Okewole

Liaison Officer II

Kayode Ariyibi

Ex Officio (Past President)

Femi Oladehinbo

Ex Officio (Past Vice President)

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