A Desperate Search for Peace

Literally all of us, including the famous “Ọmọ get inside” squad would remember a time when we had no care in the world. As children, we had no reason to worry about paying bills or whether Sister Amaka thought our armpits stank, or Brother Paul thought our blouse had one loose stitch. In our carefree world, we believed we could be anything. That belief was what Jesus alluded to when he said that we need to be like children to enter God’s Kingdom.

Of course! It makes sense that Jesus would use children as the mascots for faith. They are always at peace, always believing in good, always prone to forgiving, hence, never succumbing to bitterness. If faith is the substance of things hoped for, then kids who watch Superman and believe they can fly are clearly the epitome of faith and that is the life that Christ has called us into—a faith-driven life that relies on the omnipotence of God.

But this piece is about peace not faith, though faith is critical if we would piece together our lives in peace. Let’s go back to Jesus so unperturbed that he dared to sleep in the midst of a raging storm. Why would he sleep as if the storm was merely a rocking bed soothing him into deeper levels of rest? Could it be because he understood that “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”? Maybe he was conscious that “All things work together for good to them that love God”, and he was certain of the Father who said he had nothing to fear because he had promised never to leave nor forsake him.

After his worried team interrupted his sleep, Jesus calmed the storm. Later, he would advise them and us not to worry, nor allow our hearts to be troubled because he had given us his peace. In qualifying his peace, he made it clear that this peace is unlike anything the world can give nor comprehend. This is peace that stays calm after receiving a sack letter knowing that your sufficiency is of God and he who takes care of the birds would surely send you a raven and reestablish you. This peace hears of war but stays aware that a banner of love exists over, with a hedge all around. This peace hears of an epidemic and remembers that Jehovah Rapha has not lost his balm.

This is the peace that Jesus has given freely to us. So, if by faith you believe in the finished work of Christ, then by faith, you know that among the gifts freely given, his peace is unfazed. When the storms of life come at you, be conscious of your wings of faith and soar above everything as you receive guidance on how to navigate through that situation. Because his peace he has given to you.

Jonah Ibiamagabara currently serves as SFCN's Public Relations Officer. While in Ife, he served as ASF's Technical Director among other support roles. He is a project engineer supporting the expansion of energy infrastructure across Nigeria. He shares his thoughts via his blog (jilomes.com)

Image Credit: Inc.com

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